Exhibitor Insurance


Exhibitor Liability Insurance Program


As a standard requirement for all of our show exhibitors, it is necessary for you to carry general liability coverage from an
insurance company in good standing with minimum policy limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate.
This insurance must be in force during the lease dates of the event, August 1-5, 2019, naming U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo
(14300 Northsight Blvd Suite 101 Scottsdale ) as the certificate holder. The additional insureds must read as follows: U.S. Cannabis
Conference & Expo, Hyatt Regency Miami, Hyatt Corporation and Vista Convention Services.

If you currently have your own compliant insurance, please submit a copy to info@milestonetradeshows.com.


Purchase your Exhibitor Liability Insurance Now


Simply purchase your insurance, which is already pre-filled with all of the proper show information, directly online using a credit card.

Click the link below to Purchase your Liability Insurance for just $84:


NON USA EXHIBITORS – Address and Phone Number instructions:
When filling in your company information it will ask for a phone number and address. Please use the following:

Hotel / Venue Address – 400 SE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33131
Phone Number – (800) 528-7975.

This program is valuable for:
*Anyone who does not have any exhibitor liability insurance.
*International Exhibitors whose liability insurance will not cover them at a U.S Show.
*Companies who do not have the time to deal with all of the certificate arrangements, and need coverage now.
*Exhibitors who find it easier or advantageous to use this program, rather than their corporate insurance; Similar to when you
rent a car and do not want to use your own auto insurance.
*Should there be a claim, it will not tarnish your policy and rates. And, unlike most corporate policies, there is no deductible.Vista

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